EPA3C COMS data converter for opacity and optical density data acquisitionOpacity And Optical Density Data Acquisition And Combining Unit For COMS EPA Reporting.

EPA Requires Opacity To Be Reported After Combining The Individual Opacities In Dual Streams / Breaches Before The Exit Stack As Per Part 60 Reporting Requirements

EPA3C ® unit consists of DIN rail mounted OPLC base unit along with IO modules which are also DIN rail mounted which accepts inputs from opacity monitors through standard 4-20 mA or 0-10 V DC signals. A power supply module which is also DIN mounted supplies DC power to the base unit and the IO modules from 120 V AC input. The base unit combines and calculates effective opacity at stack from the data received from the individual streams after taking into account volume flow data and corrected stack exit ration.



  • EPA3C ® is the only unit that has customized logic for combined opacity reporting in the market today
  • One unit controls up to TWO monitors
  • Unit easily mounted onto DIN rail or wall mounted as option
  • Provides Membrane Keypad and Graphical display for operator interface for all parameters
  • Remote access via modem / Ethernet
  • Optional Volume data inputs for real-time data conversion
  • Standard key pad entry for volume flow rates for breaches
  • Automatically calculates Stack Exit Correction ratio
  • Converts optical density to opacity and applies SEC ratio
  • Combines and outputs ‘effective’ opacity
  • Micro-controller based module

EPA3C is a stand-alone unit that can be used to interface with any standard opacity monitor to report combined opacity at the stack. If any additional logic to be incorporated in the program, it can be easily carried out as the application software platform is very flexible.

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