40 CFR 60 EPA Data Acquisition System for CEMSCEMS datalogger and controller

  • Collects data from Opacity / Dust Monitors, Oxygen analyzers and other Gas analyzers
  • Compact Module and DIN / Wall mounted inside the CEMS Rack
  • Stores and generates EPA Reports
  • Data output to PC via Excel format or Ethernet or hardwired 4-20 mA & Contact outputs
  • Outputs include gas concentrations, probe purge status, probe fault, gas limit exceeded, daily zero and span output, status, CEM faults, 6 min (other averaging possible) gas outputs
  • Also supports contact inputs to start probe purge, manual calibrations and other AUX inputs
  • Long term storage as option & generates EPA Reports to PC
  • Completely controls CEMS for calibrations, probe purging, sampling system control and CEMS data outputs
  • Remote access for easy servicing of monitors
  • Standard program pre-loaded for CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, Dust, Oxygen, Flow, Fuel input, Temperature, Pressure, Moisture and other site configuration is easy


Special Features

Improved CEMS Technician Productivity
CDC data controllers are specifically designed to perform the CEMS operations you need. In addition, they provide the CEMS technician with a local interface to initiate calibrations, modify calibration sequences, troubleshoot CEMS operation, and modify channel assignments and input/output settings.

Complete Regulatory Compliance Control for the Environmental Staff
CDC data controllers provide the environmental staff with the ability to modify the configuration of the controllers and to address changes to federal, state or local compliance requirements. Controllers offer full functionality and can be configured via a menu driven interface. There is no need to modify ladder logic or computer code.

Information you need to optimize compliance
As the backbone of our DAS, CDC controllers provide plant operations staff with the real-time access to compliance calculations needed to optimize plant operations.

Minimizes the risk of “out of control” data
CDC data controllers automate the control of the CEMS to minimize “out of control” data by providing calibration sequencing and data storage independent of DAS computer operations.

Eliminate loss of compliance data
CDC data controllers are designed to acquire and store CEMS data to ensure that no data is lost in the event of a communication failure with the DAS computer.

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