40 CFR 60 EPA Data Acquisition System for COMSV130-EPA3 opacity monitor data collector

  • Collects data from Opacity / Dust Monitors
  • Compact Module and DIN / Wall mounted
  • Stores and generates EPA Reports
  • Data output to PC via Excel format
  • Long term storage as option
  • Collects data from four (4) monitors
  • Remote access for easy servicing of monitors


EPA Report Generator

V130-EPA3-DC is a compact OPLC based Data collector module that easily interfaces to existing opacity / dust monitors at site and collects data like Instantaneous opacity, Average opacity, Fault conditions, Alarm conditions and stores in easily accessible Tables in the OPLC memory for transmission to site PC or DCS systems for long term storage and hard copy printing for submissions of emissions reports to local authorities.

The Module generates 6 Minute Average Report, Excess Emissions Report, Daily Zero / Span Calibration Report and Monitor Down-time Report. All the reports have Date / Time Stamps along with Tags for easy viewing and printing.

The Remote access feature allows the monitor (s) to be dialed in from remote locations for easy servicing and Ethernet based web access is also available V130-EPA3-DC interfaces to most of the major brands in the market today including Thermo, Monitor Labs, Durag, Land, KVB and many other models.

Up to four (4) monitors can be hooked up to one V130 module with expandable Add-on modules that enhances the IO capability easily. These IO modules can be added at a later stage also if required as the monitoring requirements change at the site.

The V130 has internal Battery that can hold critical data like date / time, set parameters like Opacity Plant Limit, Calibration verification time etc. The OPLC Graphical display shows all real time monitored data continuously for easy viewing and setting user parameters.

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