Process Gas & Liquid Analyzers
Natural Gas  Processing    Refineries   Industrial  Steel    Biogas   Petrochem
 Metals   Lime/Cement   Food   Electrical  Glass  Wastewater  Sewage Treament  Pharma
PLGC3 Natural Gas Chromatograph
-C6+, C7+, neo-Pentane, H2S
-Gas Chromatograph
943-TGX Tail Gas Analyzer
-H2S, SO2
-Density, Wobbe Index, Calorific Value
-"VE Technology"
HY-Optima Series
-Solid State
HY-Alerta Series
-Solid State
Series 1600-150 Total Sulfur & H2S
-Total Sulfur & H2S
-Rateometric-colorimetric Tape
Snifter A1+ Bag Detector
-Solid Particles in Gas Flow
-Inductive Electrification
S300 Dust Analyzer
-Solid Particles in Gas Flow
-Inductive Electrification
Dumo Ambient Dust Monitor
-Solid Particles in Ambient Air
-Inductive Electrification
Beacon 3000 NIR
-Clear Liquids w/o water (gasoline, diesel, naphtha etc.)
-Near Infrared
MOD-8000 NMR
-Opaque Liquids (crude, heavy oils, etc.)
- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
-Color, API, Moisture


Model 204H & 205P H2S in Water Analyzer
-Rateometric-Colorimetric Tape


Model 205 H2S in Crude Analyzer
-Rateometric-Colorimetric Tape
Model 204 Oil in Water Analyzer
-Oil/total hydrocarbons
S401-406 Series
-pH + ORP
-Electrode Measurement
S423 Series
-Dissolved O2
-Optical, Amperometric Membrane, and Self-cleaning Exposed Electrode
ViscoPro2100 Viscometer
-Electromagnetic Piston
-Aromatics in Solvents
-UV/Visible Spectrophotometry
6200 Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen
-Sulfur, Nitrogen
44800 On-line RVP Monitor
-Reid Vapor Pressure
45607 On-line Flash Point Monitor
-Flash Point
MicroDist Boiling Point, Density, & Cetane
-Boiling Point, Density, Cetane Index



 Gas Analyzer

Liquid Analyzer


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