Haskell Corporation – New Coal-Fired Boilers for Eielson AFB, Alaska

Cemtrex continuous emissions monitors for coal-fired boilerProject Details:

Haskell Corporation, along with Summit Engineering and Design, LLC has been awarded a $56M lump sum EPC contract by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE), Alaska District to engineer, procure and construct two new state of the art coal fired boilers for the Eielson Airforce Base near Fairbanks, AK.

The scope includes demolishing the two existing vintage 1950 boilers and replacing them with new 120,000 #/HR boilers that are equipped with state of the art emissions equipment including both NOx and SOx reduction units. In addition to the boilers themselves, the project includes equipment to receive, store and transmit both ammonia and sodium bicarbonate catalyst for the emission equipment. Haskell utilized laser scanning technologies in developing the design for this project.


Cemtrex Scope of Supply:

Cemtrex supplied, installed and currently supports (2) NOx, CO, SO2, O2 CEMS (CLD and NDIR based). The CEMS is capable of accurately measuring, recording, and reporting emissions and reduction percentages over the full range of operating conditions including startup and shutdown. The CEMS complies with all USEPA requirements of 40 CFR 60 under the New Clean Air Act and meets all the New Clean Air certification requirements as listed in 40CFR 60, as applicable.

Cemtrex also supplied the Opacity Monitors to meet the COMS requirement of the project. The COMS consists of EPA compliant opacity monitors with a high frequency electronically modulated light source.Cemtrex provided all equipment necessary to draw, filter, condition, and transport samples, and to periodically purge sample lines and probes. A 316L probe with controller is mounted on the stack and includes sample back flush and calibration gas connections for on-line flush and calibration. Enclosures for stack mounted equipment are NEMA 4X. Sample filters are capable of removing 99.99 percent of fine particulate matter up to 10 micron (PM10) and larger from the sample.

Cemtrex provided a design for an all metal walk-in type shelter at each location. Shelter design complies with local and national codes, and is provided with HVAC and fire detection/alarm systems.

A data acquisition and handling system was also provided to meet reporting specifications. It is PC computer based and communicates with the DAHS. The DAS includes a printer and removable hard disk and an operator station in the control room. The DAS is capable of receiving data from multiple opacity monitors and is completed with data back up and has a removable flash card memory capable of holding at least one year of data.

Cemtrex supplied a calibration gas system for each CEMS that provides calibration gases of the quantity, quality, type, and concentration. All hardware including cylinder rack, piping, tubes, valves, manifolds, and instruments required to store, supply and control the flow of gas to various devices in the CEMS was furnished and installed by Cemtrex.

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