Foster Wheeler Ltd – Westar Energy Jeffrey Energy Center – Coal-Fired Power Plant

Emissions Monitor for a coal-fired power plantJeffrey Energy Center Site Details:

  • Location: St. Marys, Kansas.
  • Acres: 10,500 Acres (7,700 leased to area farmers) Jeffrey Energy Center Wildlife Area.
  • Plant Size: Largest plant in Kansas.
  • Ownership: Westar Energy 92%; Great Plains, Inc. 8%.
  • Construction: Construction began in 1974. Unit 1 began operation in 1978, unit 2 in 1980 and unit 3 in 1983.
  • Fueled by low-sulfur coal.
  • Powder River Basin Coal Users Group Plant of the Year in 2003.
  • In 2007, became the first plant in our four state region to receive the OSHA VPP Star
  • Designation.
  • Uses up to 36,000 tons of coal per day. 9,000,000 - 10,000,000 tons per year.
  • Uses 24,000 gallons of water per minute. 29,000,000 gallons per day and 10,700,000,000 gallons per year.


Cemtrex Scope of Supply:

Cemtrex supplied, installed and currently supports 12 CO & SO2 CEMS (NDIR based). The configuration is based in view of high ambient temperatures (about 120 deg F and considerable SO2 in the sample stream). This configuration provides long term performance.

The system is installed in the duct area, free from the outdoor elements and subject to up to 120 deg F maximum ambient radiant temperature off of the boiler. Included is the model 270S gas sample probe with a very efficient and aggressive blow back. With the high level of SO2, Cemtrex has included a 6 of 6 feet and 6 of 12 feet Hastelloy probe tubes.

The sample system includes one of our smaller gas coolers with all supporting gauges, flow meters, solenoid valves, etc. We opted to scrub the SO2 and as such included a special configuration using a Dosing system for this purpose.
For the sequencer, we included a heated 6-point unit with all valves, etc. Special care has gone into this design to include both pneumatic and electric solenoids for sampling and a fast loop bypass of the next up sample to maximum response time. This unit comes in its own enclosure and installed within the main enclosure. Heated sample line per foot and all controls, that is sample system alarms, sample line and sequencer enclosure temperature control, plus calibration gas, etc. comes from an integrated PLC with a single analog output. An HMI is included for a visual of the information. The system includes NDIR (Infrared CAI) CO & SO2 analyzer for integration and installation into the enclosure.

Two ducts contain six probes along with Heated Duct Filters (Rated for High Dust loading 5 g /m3) and heated sample line bundles to an air conditioned 6 point sample conditioning system that multiplexes the six locations with data updated once in 30 seconds for each location by a special fast loop technique and with a NDIR CO & SO2 analyzer in the range of 0-1000 PPM scale and provides Six independent 4-20 mA outputs from the Enclosure. We utilized 110 V AC 50 Hz at 5 kW and Instrument air at 100 PSI clean and dry (to -30 deg C) at 50 CFM (non-continuous use).

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