Hydrite Chemical Co. – Cottage Grove, WI Organic Processing Facility – Process Monitor

Process Analyzer for an organic processing applicationSite Details/Project Background:

Hydrite Chemical Co.'s Cottage Grove (Madison),WI facility has over 40 years experience in organic processing. Hydrite Chemical's Cottage Grove site operates 5 stainless steel and 1 glass-lined reactor ranging in size of 2,750 to 12,500 gal (10,000-47,000 liter). As primarily a toll processing site, the reactors are designed with a high degree of flexibility to adapt to customer's processes. The site has expertise in a broad range of chemistries including esterifications, polymerizations (solvent, water based, emulsions), etherfications, alkylations, aminations, amidations, acetylations and condensations.

The project specification covers the minimum requirements for the design, documentation, materials, fabrication, examination, and testing etc. for SO2 in a comprehensive process monitoring system.

Hydrite is utilizing molten sulfur as their process fuel type. The SO2 measuring range was 0-100 ppm, with 50 ppm being the normal parameter. Water composition was 0-150 GPM, with 50 ppm being the normal. Static pressure was 0-9 PSIG, with 2 PSIG being the normal.

The gas temperature for the application ranges from 60°F-140°F. The gas velocity was rated between 500-3500 SCFM.

The duct outer dimension was 16 inches and the length of the probe location to the ground was approximately 35-40 feet. The location of the probe in the plant process was after the scrubber and the duct material was metal made up of both Stainless Steel 316 and PVC.

The site is classified as a non-hazardous area and sees ambient temperatures ranging from 40°F-110°F

Cemtrex Scope of Supply:

Cemtrex provided a process monitor system, IntelliPRO, complete with a sample probe, heated line (45 feet), sampling system and Analyzer rack that is field mountable and free standing with all standard outputs to plant DCS or computer systems for closed loop process control.

  • The analyzer used was a California Analytical Instruments 600 Series UV analyzer measuring SO2 at 0-100 ppm.
  • A Universal Analyzers 270S Series Sample probe was provided.
  • Buhler Technologies provided the PKE Gas Cooler, FF-HM Moisture Detector, P1.1 Sample Pump, EGK Peristaltic Pump, and AGF-PV-30 Sample Gas Filter.
  • O'Brien Corp. provided the appropriate 45' heated sample line.
  • The 19" door less rack enclosure was provided by Allied Electronics and houses the analyzer and sampling system
  • Valves, fittings, tubings, and flow meters were provided by McMaster and Omega Engineering Inc.

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