Automated process control using real-time on-line moisture measurement is a primary objective for many processes, in order to achieve consistently optimal product quality,
to meet required product flow or compression characteristics, or to ensure the product can be correctly stored or transported prior to end use.


In addition to product quality, moisture content greatly impacts process efficiency and yield: whether achieving the correct endpoint moisture prior to tableting, monitoring moisture in a slurry before the spray dryer, or using feedback control at the dryer exit to optimize moisture – these and many other processes can benefit from tighter control of moisture levels.


Cemtrex offers the following solutions for the brewery industry:

  • Online Direct Insertion Insitu Analyzer Probes for color, moisture, and turbidity measurements.

  • Field instrumentation for quantitative measurements and control.

  • Communication networks to acquire field data to Control room master station which allows operator to view current or historical data, alarm messages, and issue controls to field equipment.


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