The objective of modern oil refinery plant is manufacturing the high value and on-specification products at optimal cost and minimal environmental burden. Therefore on-line qualitative and quantitative measurements of physical properties and chemical composition are an indisputable requirement.


Oil RefineryProcess analyzers can offer a substantial contribution in maintaining the required specification limits while reducing the energy requirements. With fluctuating crude oil prices, the reduction of the energy required for production has become the main target for modernization.


NIR, NMR & Descrete Analyzer Technologies 

Petroleum process analyzers based on standard ASTM methods are not dependent on crude quality and other factors, but their response time is longer and maintenance is expensive. Near-infrared (NIR) Analyzers are usually simple to install, very reliable and require minimum maintenance. The new innovation represents NIR Analyzer located in the control room and connected via telecommunication fiber optics to the field units installed as needed in the process . Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology does not have the continual model maintenance issue and the main advantage of this technology is the linear spectral response which enables models to be extrapolated accurately.


The combination of Discrete Analyzers with NIR and NMR Analyzers enables the user to reach performance, accuracy and availability which is difficult to reach using only one technology. The trend over the past years is toward prefabricated analyzer houses which are pre-piped and pre-wired with all analyzers, sample systems and utilities, complete assembly tested at the factory and shipped to site as a single package. Site installation work is kept to a minimum, thanks to turn-key responsibility when one team of specialists manages the project from start to finish.


The Cemtrex Solution

Cemtrex will assume total systems responsibility, so you can obtain all project requirements from a single source. This provides a single channel for communicating and interfacing, and it helps achieve consistent design, assembly, and component selection.


Cemtrex provides complete, integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up.


  • Total Analyzer Systems Integration
  • Sample Conditioning Systems Design
  • Testing, Field Services, Training
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring


One team of specialists manages your project from start to finish. Cemtrex's staff has extensive experience with virtually every type of process analyzer, as well as with various forms of packaging such as stainless steel or fiberglass buildings, galvanized-steel buildings, cabinets and racks. Years of in-plant experience guarantee the best available technology in your system designs.

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