Picture of an ethylene crackerAn ethylene cracker relies heavily on a very wide range of on-line gas composition measurements to ensure safe and efficient operation, and a typical ethylene plant would have a large complement of gas analyzers and sampling systems.

Ethylene is probably the most important chemical feedstock derived from natural sources (crude oil, natural gas). It is manufactured globally and extensively used in a wide range of "down-stream" chemical processes to produce commodities ranging from plastics to synthetic rubber, paints, anti-freeze, detergents and solvents.


Typical applications in ethylene production include:

  • Monitoring the stream chemical composition of feedstock
  • Monitoring the chemical composition of intermediate products and final products
  • Measurement of the concentration of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and carbon monoxide in thermal cracking process and de-coke cycle.


The electrical classification and safety of analyzer shelters, process instrumentation and interface equipment is a subject of great importance, since the most petrochemical process locations have been determined as hazardous areas. The choice of proper equipment and protection methods initially involves determination of the nature of the hazards at the location.


Cemtrex applies all available methods of protection, such as:

  • intrinsic safe
  • flameproof
  • pressurization
  • encapsulation
  • increased safety
  • powder filling
  • oil immersion


Cemtrex provides complete integrated analyzer systems for petrochemical industries, based on process gas chromatographs, spectro-photometers, thermal conductivity analyzers, mass-spectrometers, etc. The Systems are normally supplied installed in special analyzer houses with air-conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring, process sample probes and sample conditioning, stream selection facilities, telephone modem connections, furniture, special equipment and tools, etc.


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