Cemtrex Inc. (CETX), a world leading industrial and manufacturing solutions company, showcased its IS-2500 In-situ monitor as a Special Sponsor in  EUEC 2017 (Energy, Utility and Environment Conference) from Feb 8-10th in San Diego, CA.

The IS-2500 provides direct in-situ measurements with real time online process measurements designed to avoid the extensive gas sample extraction and conditioning associated with conventional monitors which add to the cost, maintenance and cause delay in process controls. Industrial facilities are now able to balance between 'product give away' and 'off-spec' products which results in enormous savings that pays back the cost of the IS-2500 system within a very short time. IS-2500 incorporates advanced Electro-optics and NDIR Technology, and therefore has very low CAPEX and OPEX compared to other available technologies in the market today.

About Cemtrex

Cemtrex, Inc. (CETX) is a global, diversified industrial and manufacturing company that provides a wide array of solutions to meet today's technology challenges and is rapidly growing through acquisitions. Cemtrex provides: manufacturing services of advanced custom engineered electronics, industrial contracting services, monitoring instruments for industrial processes and environmental compliance, and equipment for controlling particulates, hazardous pollutants, and Greenhouse gases used in carbon trading globally.