IS2500 Mga 3 086IS2500 Multi Gas Insitu Analyzer
Cemtrex offers the IS-2500 MGA Series of instruments are designed for on-line analysis of up to five gas phase process components. The analyzer features an innovative design that includes high grade performance, mechanical, optical and electronic components.

opacitysquareLM Series Laser Opacity Monitors
Cemtrex offers the only Laser Opacity Monitor meeting U.S. EPA 40 CFR Appendix B, PS1 (Rev) requirements which sets the industry's highest standard.  Our LM Series have been a proven performer with more than 1000 installations worldwide, including 500 in the USA.

Cemtrex IntelliCEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring SystemIntelliCEMS Series Monitoring Solutions
Cemtrex, Inc. is a full service CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems) integration company providing engineering, installation, start-up, commissioning, upgrades, project management, certification and RATA support, scheduled maintenance and emergency support services.


  Mercury Monitoring Systems
   Cemtrex, Inc. offers a unique line of Mercury CEMS compliant with EPA, CAMR, MACT, and state    regulations. Cemtrex also offers Process Mercury Monitors for optimization and injection controls.

Cemtrex Gas Monitor  Gas Analyzers
Cemtrex offers a wide range of gas analyzers for industrial, ambient, process and compliance markets.  These analyzers can measure a variety  of gaseous compounds with high accuracy and performance.

Stack EmissionsApplications Table
Cemtrex products cover a vast amount of applications, including Power Generation, Cement and Lime Production, Waste Facilities, Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Metal Production and Pulp and Paper Mills.

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