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1570 Series Total Hydrocarbon/Methane/Non-Methane AnalyzerThe 1570H Series Cemtrex IntelliCEMS Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer product line utilizes the principle of Flame Ionization Detection (FID) to determine the total hydrocarbons within a gaseous sample.



The HFID analyzer has a heated oven (191°C) which contains a burner and an optional heated pump. The small flame of the burner is elevated and sustained by the regulated flows of air and either pure hydrogen or a 40/60 mixture of hydrogen and (helium or nitrogen). The split ring detector contains 2 electrodes. One electrode is negatively polarized using a precision power supply and the other electrode, known as the “collector” is connected to a high impedance, low noise electronic amplifier. The two electrodes establish an electrostatic field. When a gaseous sample is introduced to the burner, it is ionized in the flame and the electrostatic field causes the charged particles (ions) to migrate to their respective electrodes. The migration creates a small current between the electrodes. The current is measured by the precision electrometer amplifier and is directly proportional to the hydrocarbon concentration of the sample.


The Methane mode provides for measuring methane only or total hydrocarbons and calculates, displays and outputs the sample’s NMHC content. The Non-Methane cutter’s catalyst removal efficiency is greater than 98% for Ethane and heavier hydrocarbons and better than 90% for methane retention.



  • EPA Method 25A Compliance Monitoring
  • Stacks Gases (CEM/MACT/Process)
  • VOC Abatement/Scrubber Efficiency
  • Fermentation Monitoring
  • Vehicle Emissions-Diesel
  • Carbon Red Breakthrough Detection
  • Personnel Safety


  • Displays measurements of CH4, THC, and NMHC in ppm or %
  • Four User-Definable Ranges from 0-3 ppm to 0-30,000 ppm
  • Auto Calibration and Ranging
  • Fast Response Time
  • Analog Outputs—user scaleable
  • Communications: RS232, TCP/IP
  • Temperature Stabilized Detector
  • Electronic Flow Control
  • Automatic Fuel/Air Shut-off
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Flame Ignition – Local, Remote, or Automatic
  • Data Archiving


  • Internal Zero/Span/Sample Valves
  • Internal Heated Sample Pump
  • Alternative Burner Fuels
  • Low Sample, Pressure and/or Flow
  • 19 Inch Rack Mount Slides
  • Overflow Calibration via Probe

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