A State of the Art In-situ Gas Analyzer for Process & Pollution MonitoringIS2500 Mga 1 048AZAP1

The IS2500 is designed for on-line analysis of up to five gas phase process components. The system is comprised of three units:

  • the Optical Head Unit (OHU)
  • the Signal Processor Unit
  • the Auto-Zero/Auto-Purge Panel (AZAP)

This instrument operates on the dual wavelength infra-red principle, wherein a beam of specific wavelength infra-red radiation is sent through the simple cell of the Optical Head Unit. The beam is then partially absorbed by the gaseous components to be measured.

Versatile and Durable Design for Long-Term Savings

  • Multichannel: One instrument can measure up to five components
  • Direct in-situ measurement: No requirement for high cost, high maintenance sample handling systems
  • In-built filter: No ingress of dust to optics-so no frequent cleaning schedules
  • Auto-zero: Reduces calibration frequency
  • Heated sample probe: Prevents condensation on optics (only used if flue gas is continuously below dew point)
  • Auto-purge: Eliminates risk of condensation in the event of heater lens power failure.
  • Incandescent filament infra-red source: Easy to replace at low cost
  • Single moving part in Optical Head Unit: Maximum reliability
  • Anti-vibration mounting gaskets: Maximum reliability with minimum noise.
  • Trend plots on Signal Processor Unit: At a glance record of plant performance and emissions monitoring.
  • Trend printout: Hard copy tor use in conjunction with environmental emissions requirements.



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