• Measures up to 3 gases simultaneously under NDIRIR-410 Bench
  • Two auxiliary sensor inputs (electrochemical, paramagnetic, other)
  • Integration into OEM gas analyzer systems
  • Custom detectors and filters
  • Custom samples cells and sources
  • Custom materials and mechanical designs

Cemtrex makes available its industry-leading NDIR optical benches for custom uses, including integration into OEM gas analyzer systems. We offer a wide range of abilities and features including custom detectors and filters, custom samples cells and sources, as well as custom materials and mechanical designs.


The IR-400 Series benches can fit a wide variety of enclosures. The software and communications protocol are designed to make system integration simple and fast. The command set has the flexibility to provide a variety of output configurations including pneumatic controls, printers, measurement data, and selected displays. The system monitors and corrects for critical operating parameters that affect performance and provides real-time status of the overall integrity and quality of the gas measurement.

The IR-400 Series benches interface with analog outputs and to a PC for complete control, display, and graphing capability. Recording of the output data within the bench itself allows the measurements to be replayed and analyzed at a later time.

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