IntelliCEMS Series Monitoring Solutions


The CEMTREX, Inc. IntelliCEMS Series offers a comprehensive, efficient and well-engineered package of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Solutions, deserving of its name. Coupled with our IntelliCEMS Freedom Services Package it allows you to relax with confidence, while entrusting your CEMS challenges in our competent hands.

Emissions Monitoring

With a variety of technologies out there and constant innovations revolutionizing the monitoring field, it takes a dedicated professional team of CEMS experts to design the optimal solutions for your monitoring needs. Benefiting from long-term experience both in monitoring and in pollution control equipment, our CEMS Professional Engineers are capable of designing, integrating and applying turn-key solutions, using the right blend of proven technology and innovation.


What this means to your company:

  • Quality and consistency of measurements in demanding sample matrix environments at the maximum achievable monitoring technologies
  • Durable, reliable low maintenance equipment performing with minimum down time, demanding less of your attention so you can concentrate on your primary business.
  • Professional CEMS support beginning from application design and lasting throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment
  • A spectrum of products capable of optimizing and balancing your technological, compliance and budgetary concerns.


Make an Intelligent Choice. When it comes to CEMS go IntelliCEMS.



IntelliCEMS Products

Cemtrex IntelliCEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring SystemIntelliCEMS IC Series
A fully customizable solution for your monitoring needs, Cemtrex's IC Series CEMS provides proven reliability and precision.



IntelliCEMS Gas AnalyzerIntelliCEMS Landfill Gas Analyzer
A Methane and Oxygen Analyzer designed to meet strict EPA emissions regulations for Greenhouse Gas emissions. 



IntelliCEMS Gas AnalyzerIntelliCEMS Biomass Analyzer
Cemtrex's customizable IntelliCEMS Biomass Analyzer provides proven reliability and precision to help you meet or exceed EPA requirements for biomass processing facilities.


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