LM Series Laser Opacity Monitors

Cemtrex Opacity and Dust Monitors cover a broad range of applications, including compliance monitoring and reporting at the stack and process monitoring in a variety of industries and environments.

Access the product specification brochures or contact one of our experienced CEMS professionals to assist you in making the right choice for your application.


LM3086EPA3-laser-opacity-monitor-thumbLM 3086 EPA3 Compliance Dust and Opacity Monitor
A standard for performance in opacity/dust monitoring, the LM3086 features reliable laser technology with single pass/dual path architecture. Fulfills EPA 40 CFR Appendix B requirements.



ml3188-opacity-monitor-thumbLM 3189 Process Dust and Opacity Monitors
With a semi-conductor laser technology for high efficiency and reliability, the LM 3188 is a cost-effective solution for an array of applications, including power plants, cement plants, as well as iron, steel and tunnel applications.


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