The new performance standard in opacity/dust monitoring, fulfilling U.S EPA 40 CFR Appendix B, PS1 requirements.

Cemtrex Laser Opacity Monitor

LM 3086 EPA3 continues to be the standard for performance in opacity/dust monitoring after more than 1000 installations worldwide and more than 500 in the USA alone. It fulfills the U.S EPA 40 CFR Appendix B, PS1 requirements and is TUV approved.

LM 3086 EPA3 features reliable laser technology with a single pass/dual path architecture, eliminating the light scattering effect found in dual pass models and allowing automatic zero and span calibration at 40 times per second, continuous control of optical surfaces, excellent beam collimation, long term accuracy and reliability of results with a low total ownership cost and low maintenance requirements.

LM 3086 EPA3 is suitable for power plants using coal, oil or bio-fuels, steel and iron furnaces, cement plants and petrolium refineries, or any applications where continuous, accurate and reliable measurements of dust emissions are required.


Advantages (optical reference path):

  • Impurities in optics is eliminated from the measurement values, providing real long term accuracy and stability
  • Automatic calibration and zero 40 times per second
  • Low need of maintenance


Advantages (laser light source):

  • Measuring path up to 50 meters without changing a single component in the system, due to a narrow and intense laser light beam.
  • Excellent beam collimation
  • Due to high intensity, measuring of higher concentrations is possible
  • Long life span (more than 5 years) and a standard wave length together with the optical reference path guarantee long-term accuracy and stability.
  • The analyser can be transferred to another location without factory calibration.



  • Auto diagnostic mode is run at the power-up of the monitor and can be triggered manually at any time by the operator
  • Continuous system check program runs in the background alerting the operator of exceptions or out of specification parameters
  • Comprehensive data storage for measured values and alarms


  • Power plants burning oil, coal or bio-fuel
  • Steel and iron furnaces
  • Cement plants
  • Petroleum industry
  • Other applications that require continuous, accurate and reliable measurements of dust emissions

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