The new standard in transportable opacity/dust monitoring.

Laser Dust Monitor

The LM 3189-Port is a lightweight, compact unit which can be easily installed and removed. The LM 3189-Port is meant for temporary opacity and dust monitoring and can be moved from one stack to another.


Because it is laser based, performance is not affected by different stack diameters so recalibrations are unnecessary. The display/controller unit is portable and can be carried very easily to the stack location.


The entire system is battery operated using eight 12.8V 10Ah LiFePO4 Battery Packs. The system also utilizes two portable air compressors: one for the receiver, one for the transmitter.

LM 3189 model features a semi-conductor laser technology for high efficiency and reliability at a very affordable cost. They are most suitable for process applications and works in a variety of ranges.

Suitable for power plants, cement plants, iron and steel and tunnel applications.


Advantages:lm3189 gen arang

  • A very compact and intense light beam, the diameter is only a few millimetres.
  • This means that only small holes, 20 - 50 mm, are needed in the stack simplifying the installation.
  • Good stability and long life. In contrast to designs that use more traditional light bulbs, needing constant compensation, the laser source is relatively immune to the aging effect. The typical life span of a semiconductor laser is up to 10 years.
  • Due to the high intensity of the laser the device can penetrate higher dust densities
  • Operation with known, clearly defined wave lengths. This makes the theoretical calculations and their results more predictable as opposed to conventional sources that operate over a broad range of wave lengths and whose spectrum changes with age.



  • Direct continuous measurement of opacity or optical density
  • Small, lightweight and easy installation
  • Light source is a semiconductor laser, the advantages are listed in the following section
  • Manual zero and calibration
  • Fast assembly due to simple cabling and small holes required in the stack
  • Adjustable alarm values and alarm relay
  • Linear voltage output 0-1 V and current output 4 ... 20 mA
  • Digital LCD-display and analogue display for D-value
  • 4 operation ranges (0...0,03 D, 0...0,1 D, 0...0,3 D, 0...1,0 D)


  • Continuous particle emission control in applications where the measuring path is maximum 40 meters
  • Max. dust content 2g/m3
  • This model is most commonly used in power plants that burn oil, coal or bio-fuel, in cement plants or in steel or iron furnaces.

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