The Cemtrex CSM-3 & CSM-4 Mercury CEMS cover a broad range of applications, including compliance continuous emissions monitoring and reporting at the stack of coal power plants as well as process monitoring in a variety of industries and environments.



CSM-3 Process Mercury Monitor

Cemtrex offers an advanced process mercury monitor, designed to measure very low mercury concentrations invirtually any sample matrix. It is the most cost effective AAS based mercury monitor for process optimization. Boundforms of mercury like HgCl2, HgO, HgS and particulate mercury are detected as well as elemental mercury.




CSM-4 Compliance Mercury Monitor

Mercury Instruments has specially designed the SM-4 Mercury Stack Monitor to meet requirements to measure very low Hg concentrations in stack gases with a matrix containing SO2, NOx, HCl and others. Applications for the SM-4 include coal-fired plants, waste incinerators, cement kilns and all other operations with process gases that contain mercury traces in a complex matrix.

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