Cemtrex, Inc. offers a wide range of process gas and liquid analyzers for Petroleum Refineries, Natural Gas Processing facilities, Petrochemicals, Steel, Wastewater Treatment plants and other key industrial applications.


Our systems can monitor various properties like Sulfur, Salt, Water, Olefins, Aromatics, BTX, Calorific Value, VOCs etc. in both fuel oil and gas streams. Cemtrex applies GC, FID, THC, Spectroscopy, NMR, NIR and other techniques as a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for process optimization, minimize downstream equipment failures, improve feed stock quality, reduce off-spec products and ‘product giveaway’ and save money. 


Cemtrex also offers Process Dust Analyzers used for applications in ambient, emissions, and trend dust monitoring. These devices provide high quality solutions and dust measuring to dozens of industries, including the process industry, power plants, equipment manufacturers, universties, food manufacturers, among others. Our range of solutions can fit the particular measurement needs, including government emissions control improving workplace health, equipment protection, and others.  


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