Portable Gas Detection System

Cemtrex offers a wide range of gas detection systems for a broad range of applications. Our systems are top of the line, features the best in service that Cemtrex has to offer and is supported by Cemtrex's years of expertise in the field of sensor technologies. Cemtrex offers the most complete line of fixed and portable instruments for the detection of over 150 different toxic and combustible gases using all five of the latest sensor technologies: Solid State, Electrochemical, Infrared, Photoionization and Catalytic Bead.



Stationary gas detection instrumentCemtrex offers a complete line of instrumentation, including potables, single- and multi-point stationary instruments, stand-alone sensor transmitters, and computerized gas monitoring systems. These instruments serve a large and diverse customer base around the world, with users including refineries, chemical plants, semiconductor facilities, hospitals, food and beverage companies, and many others.


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