Model 9927 Alarm Processor:
Accepts eight channels of alarm contacts; three alarms for Low, High and Malfunction conditions per channel.

There are three summary relays, one for each alarm level, an audible buzzer and an Acknowledge push button switch. It functions as a typical annunciator sequence per Instrument Society of America Sequence A, automatic reset, as described below:

Sequence State Ack Switch Visual Display Audible Alarm
Normal None OFF OFF
Alarm None Flashing Audible
Acknowledge Acknowledge On Silent
Normal None Off Silent

The 9927 provides a locking key switch that permits calibration and testing without causing an audible alarm. Appropriate input terminals are provided to permit a connection to a battery power backup source.

9927 Specifications  
Dimensions: 19.0" W x 5-1/4" H x 9.0" D
Power: 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 15W
Input Channels: 8
Alarm Input Per Channels: 3
Summary Relays: 3 (Warn, Alarm, Malfunction)
Relay Operating Mode: Failsafe-loss of power or input connection will de-energize relay to the alarm state condition
Relay Contacts: 2C (DPDT) for each, 2A resistive at 22V AC
Relay Disable: Keyswitch (for calibration, etc.). LED flashes to warn of disable condition
Audible Alarm: Pulsating audible tone for any Warn, Alarm, or Malfunction until the Acknowledge switch is pressed
Acknowledge: Operator push-button switch will acknowledge all alarm conditions, restoring relays to non-alarm state, silencing the audible alarm, and changing the status LED alarm indicator from flash to steady until alarm condition ceases

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