Portable Gas Detection Equipment

Cemtrex's line of portable instruments for gas detection offers patented, state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the most accurate readings available.

All portable instruments are designed to operate on either alkaline or nicad batteries, or the AC adapter/charger which is included with every unit. The AC adapter/charger will charge nicad batteries, while bypassing alkakine batteries, and allows portable units to be powered on at all times and ready for use for maximum reliability.



IQ1000 & TLV Panther

By using Cemtrex's Mega-Gas Sensor in one of the IQ1000's four available sensor ports, this remarkable unit can detect OVER 100 toxic and combustible gases using a single sensor. On the other hand, the TLV Panther employs the same advanced IQ-1000 electronics technology, but gives you the speed and versatility of a Photo-Ionization Detector (PID) for the detection of VOCs.


IQ250 & IQ350

IQ-250 is a single-gas, portable instrument which can be equipped with solid state sensor. Any one of over 150 toxic and combustible gases can be chosen for detection. The sensor is attatched via a coiled cord which allows readings to be taken up to 24" from the unit.


IQ200 Personal Safety Monitor

Cemtrex's Model IQ-200 is a personal safety monitor which can be configured to meet a variety of applications. For confined space entry, a single solid-state sensor is used to detect hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and combustible gases, and an additional electrochemical sensor is used to detect oxygen.







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