IQ-1000 and TLV Panther Portable

portable gas detectionCemtrex's Model IQ-1000 and TLV Panther are the most powerful and versatile portable gas detectors on the market today.

By using Cemtrex's Mega-Gas Sensor in one of the IQ-1000 's four available sensor ports, this remarkable unit can
detect OVER 100 toxic and combustible gases using a single sensor.

On the other hand, the TLV Panther employs the same advanced IQ-1000 electronics technology, but gives you the speed and versatility of a Photo-Ionization Detector (PID) for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, etc. Both units are microprocessor controlled, and three alarm setpoints are provided for each gas, as well as audible and visual indications if any of these alarm limits are exceeded.

Besides the Mega-Gas Sensor for the IQ-1000 and the PID for the TLV Panther, both units also accept electrochemical, catalytic beadinfrared (IR), and solid-state sensors, allowing the units to provide greater selectivity for key gases. The IQ-1000 or TLV Panther accepts and simultaneously displays the readings of up to 4 sensors, giving it the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications. The IQ-1000's "Gas Search" feature allows you to use the Mega-Gas Sensor to scan an area for hazardous gases. Because the Mega-Gas Sensor can detect over 100 gases, if a gas search inidcates a zero reading, chances are that no hazardous gases are present.

The IQ-1000 and TLV Panther have impressive capabilities, yet still remains convenient and easy to use. Calibration is simple and automated, with no manual adjustments necessary. The TLV Panther even has a completely automated calibration mode that allows the microprocessor to calibrate all of the active gases for the PID with the push of a button. Thus, the user can calibrate 10, 20, or even 30+ gases in less than a minute! Besides easy calibration, operation is a snap. Simply select the gases you want to monitor and the microprocessor based unit will do the rest. A large, 8 line, 40 character display allows the simultaneous display of 4 gases along with alarm and calibration information. Power is provided via 6 'D' size alkaline or nickel cadmium batteries.

The IQ-1000 and TLV Panther include a built-in sample pump and sample wand, as well as a handy carrying case. Datalogging can be provided as an option, allowing the storage of months of data. An RS-232 port allows you to send data to a computer or printer. Included with datalogging is the IQ-1000's powerful EINSTEIN data management software (PC). This software allows you to download, manipulate, and plot data in a variety of ways.


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