IQ-250 and IQ-350 Single-Gas Portables

single gas portable instrumentIQ-250 is a single-gas, portable instrument which can be equipped with solid state sensor. Any one of over 150 toxic and combustible gases can be chosen for detection. The sensor is attached via a coiled cord which allows readings to be taken up to 24" from the unit.

Buzzer and LED alarms alert the user to the presence of hazardous levels, and a digital display indicates the gas concentration. User adjustable setpoints are provided for low, mid, and high alarm levels. The IQ-250 is compact, weighing just 22 ounces including batteries. The unit will operate approximately 14 hours on 4 AA-size alkaline batteries.

single gas detection instrumentIQ-350 is a single-gas, portable instrument which provides all of the features of the IQ-250, and in addition, it comes equipped with an internal sampling pump and wand assembly.

The unit can be equipped with either a solid state sensor, electrochemical sensor, photo-ionization detector (PID), or infra-red (IR) detector, and can be configured to detect any one of over 150 toxic and combustible gases. The IQ-350 operates approximately 20 hours on 4 C-size alkaline batteries.



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