Cemtrex also offers a variety of accessories and add-ons for our Gas Detection Systems. Please click below for more information on these accessories.


Field Calibrators

Field Calibrators provide a premixed metered sample of gas of known concentration which can be applied to gas sensors to perform calibration adjustments.


Premixed Gas Cylinders

Cemtrex can also supply the following premixed gas cylinders. These cylinders are not manufactured by Cemtrex. Cemtrex can have these cylinders drop-shipped directly from the manfacturer to the customer. Please contact Cemtrex for more information (Domestic Only).


Calibration Bags

The 4-liter Calibration Bag is used to calibrate Cemtrex's portable models which employ sampling pumps.


Ambient Air Sampling Pumps

The ambient air sampling pump is used to fill the calibration bags with fresh, ambient air.


Sintered Water Guards

Sintered water guards protect sensors during hose downs or direct exposures to water.


Duct Mounting Fixtures

Duct mounting fixtures offer the same protection as the sintered water guards except it comes with standard 1” NPT male threading to fit into ducts.


2 oz Pure Gas Bottles

The 2 oz. bottle of pure gas can be used in conjunction with Cemtrex’s calibration canister or calibration bag to produce gas mixtures of known concentration for calibration of Cemtrex gas sensors.


Calibration Canisters with Syringe

The 1-liter (1000 cc) Calibration Canister is outfitted with a grommeted opening in the top cover which allows it to be placed over the sensor rainshield of a stationary gas sensor.

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