P/N 9106 is a 2 oz. bottle of pure gas which can be used in conjunction with Cemtrex’s P/N 9905 Calibration Canister or P/N 1005 Calibration Bag to produce gas mixtures of known concentration for calibration of Cemtrex gas sensors. Each 9106 bottle contains pure sample gas under slight pressure. A septum on the top of the bottle allows gas to be drawn out of the bottle using a syringe. By injecting the appropriate amount of pure gas into the 1-liter P/N 9905 Canister or 4-liter P/N 1005 Bag, calibration mixtures for a wide range of gases and concentration ranges can be prepared. The following gases are available in 9106 bottles:

*Acetic Acid Solution Acetylene *Acrylic Acid
*Acrylonitrite *Allyl Chloride Ammonia
*Benzene Boron Trichloride Boron Trifluoride
Butadiene *Butyl Phenol *Carbon Disulfide
Carbon Monoxide *Carbon Tetrachloride Chlorine
*Cholorform Cyanogen Chloride Dichlorosilane
*Diesel Fuel Dimethylamine, Anhydrous Dinitrogen Tetroxide
*Epichlorohydrin Ethylene, Compressed *Ethylene Dichloride
Ethylene Oxide, Pure *Formaldehyde, Solutions *Hexane
Hydrogen, Compressed Hydrogen Bromide, Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride, Anhydrous
Hydrogen Cyanide Hydrogen Fluoride, Anhydrous Hydrogen Sulfide
Isobutane *Isopropanol Methane, Compressed
*Methanol Methyl Bromide Methyl Chloride
*Methyl Ethyl, Ketone Methyl Mercaptan *Methylene Chloride
*Naphtha Nitric Acid Nitric Oxide
Nitrogen Trifluoride *Nonyl Phenol Propylene
*Propylene Oxide Sulfur Dioxide *Toluene
*Triallylmine *Trichloroethylene *Vinyl Acetate
Vinyl Chloride    

Consult factory for availability of other gases.

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