The P/N 9905 is a 1-liter (1000 cc) Calibration Canister with a grommeted opening in the top cover which allows it to be placed over the sensor rainshield of a stationary gas sensor.  The canister can be filled with clean air to adjust the zero point of a sensor. Likewise, using the syringe, sample gas can be injected into the canister to produce a mixture of known concentration for calibrating the span point of the sensor.  Pure sample gas for many gases can be provided using IST’s P/N 9106 bottles.  These 2 oz. bottles contain a sample of pure calibration gas which is accessible through a septum in the bottle lid.  0.1 cc of this pure gas injected into the 1000 cc Calibration Canister will produce a 100 part per million (ppm) mixture.  Similarly, 0.5 cc of pure gas will produce 500 ppm, 1.0 cc will produce 1000 ppm, and so forth

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