The P/N 8000 Field Calibrator provides a premixed metered sample of gas of known concentration which can be applied to gas sensors to perform calibration adjustments. It consists of a lecture bottle of premixed calibration gas, a regulator with pressure flow gauge, and a sensor adapter cup with sample tubing. The lecture bottle has a volume of 0.44 liters and is pressurized to 1200 psi. The regulator keeps the flow rate of the gas sample constant at 1 SCFH. At this flow rate, it takes approximately 90 minutes to completely exhaust the gas from the lecture bottle. Thus, assuming a typical calibration exposure of 1 minute, each lecture bottle can perform about 90 calibrations. Calibration times can vary depending on the gas and concentration. Empty lecture bottles can be returned to Cemtrex for refilling. P/N 8000 is available for the following gases/concentration:



Butane 50% LEL
Carbon Monoxide 50, 100, 200, 500 ppm
Ethylene 50% LEL
Hydrogen 50, 100, 1000, 5000 ppm, 50% LEL
Isobutane 50% LEL
Methane 5000 ppm, 50% LEL
Nitrogen (for O2 Cailbration) Pure
Propane 50% LEL

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