• Data highway eliminates individual sensor wiring, producing significantsavings in installation costs
  • Modular design enables easy future expansion
  • Can handle systems requiring 100 or more sensors
  • Graphic display shows sensor locations within your facility and pinpoints alarms
  • State-of-the-art sotware features data archiving, curve plotting, TWA reports, alarm processing, foreign language support, and much more


The Remote-Link System is a state-of the are, computer -controlled, gas monitoring system which allows sensors to communicate with the Remote-Link Computer over a data highway - eliminating the individual sensor wiring associated with conventional monitoring systems. The Remote-Link's powerful monitoring software includes such features as data archiving and reporting, curve plotting, alarm processing, and fault monitoring. Additionally, a graphics display shows a drawing of your plant and the locations of a ll the sensors within your plant. By using the mouse button to point and click a sensor, you can view it's current reading and alarm status. A separate screen allows you to view the readings of all sensors simultaneously. When an alarm occurs, audible and visual indications are provided on the computer screen, and the graphics display will pinpoint the area where the alarm is occuring. Alarm relays are also activated to trip horns, lights, etc. Alarm relays are fully programmable and each relay can be assigned to a single sensor or group of sensors.


The Remote-Link System can accommodate hundreds, even thousands, of sensors, yet it is still an economical choice for systems with as few as 8 sensors. The modular design of the system enables additional sensors to be added with ease at a low incremental cost, allowing you to expand the system according to your needs. Computer assisted calibration takes the hassle out of calibration. Zero every sensor in the system with one press of a button. Then, simply apply gas to each sensor and let the computer do the rest. Calibration just doesn't get any easier than this!


The Remote-Link Sytem is extremely versatile and can be configured any number of ways to suit virtually any application. It's design allows it to accommodate any size facility, and multiple display screens can be provided. Additionally, each Remote-Link Computer is equipped with an internal modem which allows Cemtrex to provide on-line support whenever necessary. The Remote-Link System can be used with either our standard sensor transmitter (SM95), our intelligent sensor transmitter (4-20IQ), or sensor transmitters from other manufacturers.


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