Cemtrex provides complete integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up. Analyzer Systems are normally supplied and installed in special Analyzer Houses including air conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring.

Process sample probes and sample transport lines are designed to ensure representative and rapid sampling, avoiding   possibility of contamination or dead volume. Sample Conditioning systems provide the sample in a state and condition compatible to the measurement technique used by analyzers. Sample recovery systems, stream selection facilities, telephone modem connections, furniture, special equipment and tools, etc.


TRITON-COL Series for Color
Color and turbitidy measurements are frequently used in many industrial processes across a variety of industries, most dominantly in Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, and Chemical.


TRITON-CV for Cleaning Validation
The validation of a cleaning process is mandated in virtually any manufacturing process to prevent carryover of material above a predefined acceptable level from one product to another.


Beacon 3000 Process NIR Analyzer
The Beacon 3000 is an inline, multi-channel process analyzer system ideal for monitoring petroleum, chemical and petrochemical products.The Beacon 3000 measures the absorption spectrum in the near infrared (NIR) fast and accurately without labor and material waste.

MOD-8000 Process NMR Analyzer
The MOD-8000 online process analyzer is designed to analyze the composition of process fluids. Using Magnetic Resonance (MR) spectroscopic techniques, it can detect the presence and the concentration of chemical constituents in a process stream.


Reveal Analytical Measurement
The new Reveal Analytical Measurement device offers a unique, option for those users who prefer a dedicated analyzer for a specific application. The Reveal offers a number of advantages over competitive systems for tracking a single attribute. It is primarily useful for liquid, solid, gas, and slurry applications.

BA-DO2 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
The BA-DO2 is designed for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in water, with low oxygen content (in the order of parts per billion). The main application is for water treatment facilities in the petrochemical field.


Model 204H & 205P H2S in Water
The Model 204H has the ability to analytically quantify H2S in Water online with the Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) and the advanced electrochemical H2S sensor or rateometric-colorimetric H2S detector technologies. 

Model 205 H2S in Crude Analyzer
The Model 205 H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer utilizes the state-of-the-art Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) with exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies to efficiently and reliably separate the H2S from the liquid sample for measurement in the gas phase.


Model 204 Oil in Water Analyzer
The Model 204 Oil & Hydrocarbons in Water Analyzer accurately measures total hydrocarbons including aliphatic and armoatic hydrocarbons. It has the ability to analytically quantify oil/hydrocarbons in water thanks to an enhances Sample Transfer Stripper and a solid state sensor.

BA-PH pH & Redox in Liquids Analyzer
The BA-PH analyzer is designed for the measurement of pH in liquids, typically drinking water, aquaculture systems, rivers, lakes, wastewater and industrial process liquids. The instrument can be deliverted in a multipurpose package containing an oil-in-water analyzer and an H2S in water concentration analyzer.

ViscoPro2100 Viscometer
The ViscoPro 2100 delivers highly reliable, real-time viscosity data. With a small sample size, easy installation, flexible configuration, and minimal maintenance needs, the ViscoPro 2100 is the ideal process viscometer for almost any refinery, petrochemical, or coatings application.

BTX Aromatics in Solvents Analyzer
The BTX is a real time process analyzer ideal for measuring the presence of aromatics (in parts per million) within hydrocarbon solvents. It uses ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometry for achieving very accurate results. The BTX analyzer provides for the real time measurements of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (heavy aromatics) in hydrocarbon solvents.


6200 Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen
The Model 6200 Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen is an online process analyzer that determines total nitrogen and total sulfur for gas, liquid, and LPG products. The product has the capabability to produce lab accuracy with results that correlate to ASTM D4629 and D5453.


44800 On-line RVP Monitor
The PSPI Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) Monitor is an on-stream process monitor for measuring the RVP of blended fuels, distillates and other multiple component hydrocarbon fuels. By having an online monitoring solution, such as the PSPI RVP Monitor, refineries can optimize plants profitability while at the same time meeting quality requirements.


45607 On-line Flash Point Monitor
The PSPI Flash Point Monitor is an on-stream process monitor for measuring flash points of liquid fuels over a range of 10 to 121 C (50 to 250 F). By having an online monitoring solution, such as the PSPI Flash Point Monitor, refineries can optimize plants profitability while at the same time meeting quality requirements.


MicroDist Boiling Point, Density, & Cetane Index
The MicroDist online analyze ris designed to quickly and accurately determine the boiling range characteristics of various commercially available petroleum products, light and middle distillates, on process streams.


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