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The PSPI Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) Monitor is an on-stream process monitor for measuring the RVP of blended fuels, distillates and other multiple component hydrocarbon fuels. The 44800 RVP directly measures vapor pressure, from 1 to 22 psi, no RVP correction necessary. The average cycle time is still less than six minutes! These measurements directly correlate to ASTM D323, ASTM D4953, , ASTM D5191,ASTM D6378, EN12, EN 13016, IP 69, IP 394, IP402, IP 481 and ISO 3007 test methods.

The 44800 RVP Monitor is completely microprocessor controlled with self-diagnostic capabilities, making it economical and simple to operate and maintain.


Quick and Accurate Analysis:

  • Measures RVP from 1 to 22 psi
  • Fast Analysis with ultrasonic sample throughput
  • Excellent Repeatability of 0.05 psi
  • Integral heating/cooling system



  • Crude switching/blending
  • Gasoline blending
  • Diesel fuel blending
  • Fuel oil blending
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Crude oil blending
  • Crude distillation units


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