Dissolved Oxygen AnalyzerThe BA-DO2 is designed for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in water, with low oxygen content (in the order of parts per billion).

The main application is for water treatment facilities in the petrochemical field. Therefore, it can be customized in a multipurpose package containing also an oil-in-water analyzer (fluorescence spectroscopy based) and an H2S concentration analyzer (UV spectroscopy based).

The rugged system is design for low maintenance since the electrolyte in the probe does not wear. The anode is oxidized, but there is enough anode material for many years of use, even when measuring pure oxygen.



  • Real time, continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen in water
  • Ruggedized components
  • Optional sampling system
  • Upgradable software for additional components
  • Automatic cleaning available
  • Explosive Atmosphere certified (ATEX)
  • Advanced control unit function
  • Minimal maintenance required


Operational Philosophy:

  • The probe is of the Mackereth cell type (a variant of the polarographic type). It measures the partial pressure of oxygen present at the cell membrane.
  • The chemistry of the probe consumes all oxygen inside of it. Therefore, pressure differences across the membrane only depends on the partial pressure outside the membrane.
  • Oxygen thus diffuses through the membrane at a rate proportional to its partial pressure outside the membrane. Each molecule that enters the probe transfers an electrical charge between the cathode and the anode, creating an electrical current.
  • When measuring dissolved oxygen in mg/l or in ppb, temperature must be taken into account. After calibrating the instrument, the probe remains internally temperature compensated.


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