PH & Redox AnalyzerThe BA-PH analyzer is designed for the measurement of pH in liquids, typically drinking water, aquaculture systems, rivers, lakes, waste water, and industrial process liquids.

In industrial applications, often other chemical/physical values have to be analyzed. Therefore the instrument can be delivered in a multipurpose package containing an oil-in-water analyzer (fluorescence spectroscopy based) and an H2S in water concentration analyzer (UV spectroscopy based).

In a closed control loop, the control unit is in charge of actuating the relevant feeding valve. All sensors in the system share the same control unit.



  • Real time, continuous measurement of pH in liquids
  • Wide range of applications supported
  • Ability to measure the Redox (oxidation reduction potential)
  • Explosive atmosphere certified (ATEX)
  • Upgradable software for additional sensors
  • Minimal maintenance required


Schematics for Redox AnalyzerDiverse Configurations:

  • Submersion mount
  • In-line mounting
  • Antimony electrode
  • Glass electrode
  • Flush electrode surface (for ease of cleaning)
  • Notched electrode surface (for protection in case of retractable sensors)

In the oil & gas field, pH sensors are often placed directly in the process line, downstream from the condenser at the top of the distillation tower. Here temperatures and pressures are high and Cemtrex is able to design and install sample conditioning systems to cool the condensed water and reduce the pressure leading to longer sensor life and easier sensor removal for cleaning and calibration.


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