The Model 6200 Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen process analyzer determines total nitrogen and total sulfur for gas, liquid, and LPG products. The Model 6200 utilizes these technologies to offer the combination of lab accuracy with process robustness.

The 6200 enables refineries to:

  • Meet strict regulatory standards for Sulfur content in high-value products its direct injection system is able to handle heave gas/oil products
  • Produce lab accuracy with process robustness results correlate to ASTM D4629 and D5453
  • Optimize the process by keeping close to the specification limits quick analysis and a fast response time to process changes enables decision making
  • Control maintenance costs utilizing new pyrotube design extends preventative maintenance effort


With increasingly strict regulations for sulfur content, refineries need to continuously monitor the amount of sulfur in their products to ensure regulatory compliance while operating as close to the upper limit to maximize profitability. The 6200 enables refineries to make real-time decisions to optimize their process by providing fast, accurate, and reliable results.


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