Process NIR AnalyzerThe Beacon 3000 is an inline, multi-channel process analyzer system. It enables non-contact, real-time monitoring and closed-loop control of physical properties and chemical composition in industrial process applications.


The Beacon 3000 is ideal for monitoring petroleum, chemical and petrochemical products. Based on novelalgorithms, the Beacon 3000 measures the absorption spectrum in the near infrared (NIR) fast and accurately without labor and material waste.


The system's versatile software models enable soft-switch between different chemistries. With the capability to monitor up to eight Flow Cells in parallel, the Beacon 3000 provides an efficient, low cost per channel process monitoring. When integrated into a control system, the Beacon 3000 enables tighter process control and identifies process excursions before they affect yield.


Process NIR AnalyzerFeatures & Benefits

  • The Main Analyzer is located in the Control Room, protected from the process environment. The Main Analyzer connects, via telecommunications fiber optics, to the Field Units, which are installed up to 3 km (2 miles) away, close to the process. Up to 8 Field Units can be connected to one Main Analyzer.
  • The Field Unit uses no electricity, and contains no moving parts. This 100% optical probe requires no explosion proof housing or analyzer shelter. The Field Unit is certified under the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (EN 60079-28:2007).
  • In many applications, the Beacon 3000's performance and price make it an attractive alternative to traditional analyzers, such as gas chromatographs or distillation analyzers. No analyzer shelter is required, and the low maintenance requirements reduce ownership costs to a minimum.




Measured Properties

  • Motor Octane
  • Research Octane
  • Distillation Points
  • API Gravity
  • Cloud Point
  • Flash Point
  • Cetane index
  • Viscosity
  • Reid Vapor Pressure
  • Chemical Composition
  • Total Aromatics
  • % para Xylene
  • Total Olefins
  • % meta Xylene
  • Oxygenates
  • Pour Point
  • ortho Xylene
  • % MTBE
  • % Benzene
  • and more...


  • On-Line NIR Analysis of Blended Gasoline
  • On-Line NIR Analysis in Continuous Catalyst Regeneration
  • On-Line NIR Analysis in Crude Distillation Unit
  • On-Line NIR Analysis of Diesel
  • On-Line NIR Analysis in Extraction Complex

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