Process NMR AnalyzerThe MOD-8000 online process analyzer is designed to analyze the composition of process fluids. Using Magnetic Resonance
(MR) spectroscopic techniques, it can detect the presence and the concentration of chemical constituents in a process stream. By utilizing exclusive software, it provides closed loop supervisory control of a process unit. It has an extensive range of applications from light Naphtha streams to heavy Crude oil. Typical user benefits comprise increased throughput, better process control, timely detection of off-spec product, and lower operating costs.


System Key Advantages

  • Real time, continuous flow-through stream analysis
  • Provides chemical and physical analysis in dense and opaque materials
  • Multi-variable analysis from a single instrument and a single sample
  • Linear Spectral Response across broad range; models can be extrapolated accurately
  • Stable, homogeneous magnetic field, no fringe field
  • Minimal maintained achieved by using no-moving parts
  • Built-in reference for measuring chemical shifts of all process components
  • Automatic shim control ensures uniformity of magnetic field during measurement
  • Built-in manifold valves provide convenient purge, drain, and vent connections for cleaning sample line
  • Local and remote system display, operation, and supervision


NMR process analyzer detailIntegrated Application Solution

    • The analyzer, sample conditioning system, analyzer house and follow-up support are all provided by Cemtrex, Inc. - one supplier for the entire package.
    • The MOD-8000 MRA analyzer, combined with advanced control tools, provides a turnkey, engineered solution for a process control improvement task.
  • MRA chemometric models are available for specific process applications. All are designed and field tested to meet the operating goals of the particular  process, such as to maintain product quality, maximize yield, and enhance feedstock flexibility.



  • New magnet design (enhanced long and short term stability; less sensitive to temperature).
  • State of the Art electronics (Smaller foot-print; Complete integrated PCB for Shim & Heater Control; Digital RF & Acquisition - improve SNR).
  • New concept of Process Probe (An entire pipe go thorough without contact with the system; Much better temperature insulation; Higher Q i.e. better sensitivity).
  • New Software (Includes new algorithm for standard and global Models; Fully automated process capacity; Extensive remote diagnostic capabilities).



    • Gasoline Blending
    • Diesel Fuel Blending
    • Fuel Oil Blending
    • Naphtha Cracking
    • FCCU Feed
    • FCCU Distillates
    • Sulfuric Acid Alkylation
    • Crude Switching/Blending
    • Catalytic Reforming
    • CDU Distillate


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