Prod overview TRITON COL - liquidsColor and turbitidy measurements are frequently used in many industrial processes across a variety of industries, most dominantly in Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, and Chemical. Cemtrex’s TELLUS-COL and TRITON-COL products for color measurement in solids and liquids are able to measure color in a number of ways.



  • Inline color measurements in real-time
  • VIS spectral sensor integrated within probe shaft
  • Automated self-cleaning and recalibration optional
  • Robust design for industrial use
  • Hazardous area / Hygienic design certified
  • Contact measurement (probe in touch with material)
  • LED light source, guaranteeing an extended lifespan, no maintenance required
  • Extremely low cost of operation


Inline Color Measurement Alternative Process Interface Options:

  • TRI-CLAMP: Tri-Clamp is the most ubiquitous connector to connect pipes and equipment components in the Food & Beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a quick-release connection and generally available for diameters between ½“ and 4“.
  • LIGHT HOUSE PROBE: Patended process interface with radial orientation of multiple measurement windows allows for automatic inline cleaning and recalibration. All process interfaces have been designed to meet the harsh requirements of industrial production environments and are compliant with regulatory requiements (FDA)


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