Prod overview TRITON CV - liquidsThe validation of a cleaning process is mandated in virtually any manufacturing process to prevent carryover of material above a predefined acceptable level from one product to another. Typically, samples of the rinse solution must be removed from the system and taken to the laboratory for analysis of the residual material in the rinsate. This greatly slows the cleaning process while adding to the laboratory test burden and significant cost increase due to excessive use of solvents.



  • Inline cleaning validation in realtime
  • No more time based endpoint determination
  • UV spectral sensor integrated with measurement probe, no external fiber optics
  • Fully compliant with FDA requirements (CFR 21 part 11)
  • Contact measurement
  • Hazardous area certification
  • Robust product design
  • Significant savings on solvents and cleaning time
  • Increase utilization and efficiency


Unique: Probe with Integrated UV Spectral Sensor

The TRITON CV sensor is the first realtime cleaning monitor with the spectral sensor directly integrated into the process interface itself, allowing inline validation of the cleaning rinsate at virtually any location in the manufacturing equipment. Once the predetermined concentration level for the analyte has been reached, the cleaning process will be automatically stopped, therby saving significant amounts of cleaning solvents, that would have been wasted with time based endpoint determination, as the cleaning process would still continue. Using Cemtrex‘s Triton CV products results in signifanct savings of solvents, reduction of equipment downtime and an overall increase in the manufacturing equipment efficiency.


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