S300 Series Dust Analyzers

Equipped with two independent alarm relays which can be used for early warning and failure, or connected to alarm-devices, S301 is used to detect filter deterioration and blockage or breakage. The alarms can be used for process control (as an ON-OFF system) in flow - no flow situations in bulk solids handling and pneumatic transport applications. Very fast response time, a typical characteristic of these monitors, enables early detection and prevention of expensive product loss to the environment.

With a 4-20 mA analog signal output used for trend monitoring, S303 is installed downstream from a filter, cyclone, dryer or similar devices to monitor filter performance as well as particulate emissions. It has two alarm relays that will engage when particulate levels in the gas stream exceed a preset level. It can also be used for process control in certain applications. S301 and S303 are designed for use in any process fitted with bag, ceramics, cartridge filters or cyclones where indicative (qualitative) monitoring is required.

Combining the S303’s features with the added feature of allowing calibration to give readings in mg/m3 format, it can give plant operators the ability to see absolute value measurements of dust concentrations. Installed in emissions stacks or in common ducts of a stack, the S304 can give a continuous dust concentration in the process enabling constant monitoring of the dust levels.

Equipped with a Self Zero and Self Span check, the S305 meets all QAL1 requirements for official emissions regulations, as proven by its TÜV certification. Used for emissions monitoring in official stack measurements for reporting to authorities as well as providing a mg/m3 reading to plan operators. Gives plants a continuous measurement of particulate emissions to ensure it remains within imposed regulatory limits.


Split Architecture (Remote) Models
S300 Series includes the following remote models: S311, S313, S314 and S315. The remote models are used when the sensor has to be installed with the control unit up to 200 meters away. In these models, the sensor is connected to an enclosure housing the preamplifier (PA) and the amplified signal is transmitted with a 4-wire shielded cable using one of the recommended cables.


S300 Series is a useful tool in all work environments where harmful dust concentrations are encountered:

-Chemical & power plants -Animal feed processing
-Chemical proecessing -Tobacco
-Metallurgical -Waste Incinerators
-Foundries -Pulp & Paper
-Pharmaceutical -Fertilizers
-Wood processing -Food


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