Snifter Broken Bag DetectorSnifter is used to detect filter bag breakages quickly and cost-effectively. It is a compact device consisting of an enclosure, housing state of the art electronics and a  probe.

Snifter A1+ utilizes an automatic setup function. With this, it can adjust itself to dust flow conditions in your application. It is equipped with two fixed alarm relays.

Snifter A1+ has the necessary sensitivity to meet the low levels of dust concentrations typical of modern fabric filters. It is reliable enough both in terms of operating continuously without maintenance, and in being able to run despite vibration and build-up on the probe. It is able to respond quickly to meet the requirements of bag filters, minimizing maintenance time and downtime in the plants.

The alarms can also be used for process control (as an ON-OFF system) in FLOW – NO FLOW situations in bulk solids handling and pneumatic transport applications. The Snifter’s fast response time enables early detection and helps prevent the loss of expensive product to the environment.

With rising environmental standards, the Snifter A1+ gives the earliest detection available in the market for broken filter systems in plants. With the most sensitive measuring principle in the market, the Snifter A1+ can detect breaches as small as deteriorating filters all the way to the large breakages. This allows the plant to optimize the maintenance of the filtration systems and ensure that breaches in the filtration units are located before official emissions limits are exceeded.

Snifter A1+ uses our most advanced measurement platform providing the highest levels of accuracy and response time to the end user. Additionally, the new light indicator system makes it even easier for the customer to locally recognize problems with the filtration unit. The new enclosure with a thicker wall and rounder surface provides maximum durability and reliability of the instrument to withstand heavy industrial conditions.


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