process gas analyzer

Cemtrex provides complete integrated online process gas analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up. Each of these analyzers features a rugged embedded computer and sensors. Many measurement principles are utilized in measuring the specified gas composition including: spectroscopy, gas chromatography, photoionization detection, electromagnetic energy absorption, palladium sensors, and other techniques. New measurement principles can be added easily to an existing system depending on the application requirements.

Cemtrex offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for process optimization, minimizing downstream equipment failures, improving feed stock quality, and reducing off-spec product and product giveaway.   

Typical industries that can utilize our online process gas analyzers include: natural gas processing, refineries, industrial steel, biogas, metals, lime/cement, food, electrical, glass, wastewater, sewage treatment, and more.


IntelliPRO™ Process Gas Analyzer
The IntelliPRO™ is a simple system with sample probe, heated line , sampling system and Analyzer rack that is field mountable and free standing with all standard outputs to plant DCS or computer systems for closed loop process control. 


PLGC3 Natural Gas Chromatograph
The PLGC3 Natural Gas Chromatograph is a thermistor technology Gas Chromatograph analyzer, for fast and reliable gas analysis. It is designed for ease of use, reduced maintenance and low gas consumption in online applications.


BA-GSG Specific Gravity Gas Analyzer
The BA-GSG is an online process analyzer for continuous, reliable, and accurate measurement of specific gravity (density) of a gas mixture. It is equipped with a cell for measuring specific gravity of the process gas in a specially designed sample chamber, using a modulated acoustic signal.


HY-OPTIMA Series (Process Hydrogen)
The  HY-OPTIMA product line includes a range of real-time, in-line portable hydrogen monitors & hydrogen analyzers for process optimization in industrial applications. The end result is increased product yield, improved hydrogen utilization, and extended catalyst life.


Series 1600-150 Total Sulfur & H2S
The Model 1600-150 System is a microprocessor based analyzer measures total sulfur and H2S by hydrogenation similar to that as described in ASTM Method D3031, D4084-82, D4468-85 and 4045-81


943-TGX Tail Gas Analyzer
The 943-TGX Tail Gas Analyzer product line is specially designed to measure sulfur species gas for sulfur recovery and other related processes.


SG12WMTA-Series WI/CV Gas Analyzer
The SG12WMTA-Series is a high speed multiparameter thermal gas analyzer that burns a small sample of gas and measures the temperature rise of the fluid. The SG12WMTA-Series consists of a Multiparameter Gas Analyzer that directly measures in real time the most important properties of the gas: Wobbe Index (WI), Calorific Value (CV), Specific Gravity (SG) and Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI).


IS-2500 Multi Gas Analyzer
The IS 2500 is designed for on-line analysis of up to five gas phase process components using NDIR technology. The systems utilizes a unique in-situ design structure for immense durability and long-term savings.


HY-Alerta (Safety Applications)
The HY-ALERTA product line includes a range of state-of-the-art, portable hydrogen leak detectors and fixed area hydrogen monitors designed to ensure safety within an enclosed or open area where there is the potential for a hydrogen leak.

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