The 943-TGX Tail Gas Analyzer product line is specially designed to measure sulfur species gas for sulfur recovery and other related processes. Using a holographic grating spectrometer coupled with a 2048 pixel UV enhanced CCD array, the 943-TGX online analyzers provide accurate, real-time analysis of the desired sulfur species.

The Model 943-TGX Analyzer System delivers the solution to industry’s need for fast, accurate, reliable and economical modified-Claus sulfur process control.

This system enhances the proven ultraviolet absorption technology and eliminates the need for heat-traced lines. Eliminating the heat traced lines and using computer control has greatly reduced the maintenance required and the time required to perform the routine preventive maintenance.



  • No sample lineinterna sulfur
  • Direct connection to process line
  • Fibre optic light path
  • No optical filters and no moving parts
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • No analyzer house required
  • Flexible installation for most process pipe configuration
  • Field proven reliability and low maintenance
  • Self-diagnostic and self preservation features
  • Automatic zero
  • Suitable for hazardous area installation



  • Sulfur recovery tail gas
  • Claus process
  • Claus with tail gas cleanup
  • Claus with oxygen enrichment


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