Specific Gravity Gas Analyzer

The BA-GSG is an online process analyzer for continuous, reliable and accurate measurement of specific gravity (density) of a gas mixture. The instrument is available for operation in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX) environment.

The BA-GSG is equipped with a cell for measuring specific gravity of the process gas in a specially designed sample chamber, using a modulated acoustic signal.

A pressurized enclosure is provided with a protective purge system (N2 gas) and an optional Vortex cooler.



  • Direct Specific Gravity (density) measurement
  • Reduced sensitivity to vibration or pressures
  • Multi-functional computer operation
  • Reliable & accurate measurement
  • Multi-parameter options available
  • No regular maintenance required


Operational Highlights:Specifications for Specific Gravity Gas Analyzer

  • The process gas flows through the measuring chamber in the cell. The oscillations of the transmitter membrane are trasnferred to a pressure transducer by the gas.
  • The amplitude of the signal on the pressure transducer is in direct proportion to the density of the process gas.
  • The oscillating signal is amplified and processed by the electronics allowing for continuous output signal.
  • A reference chamber, in the measuring cell, compares the measurement with atmospheric air at ambient conditions. The signal received from the chamber controls the amplitude of the oscillating transmitter.


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