The HY-OPTIMA 720AS-GC Hydrogen Analyzing System is designed to detect, measure and respond to hydrogen leaks in gas chromatography (GC) systems. The hydrogen specific solid-state sensing element is designed for long life, reliable operation, and for retrofit on all GC makes and models.


The model 720AS-GC detects and measures hydrogen and provides alarm indications at a user selectable level. If hydrogen reaches the user selected alarm level, the alarm activates a light tower with a flashing red light, a buzzer and closes a valve to shut off the supply of hydrogen to the GC system. H2scan’s solution benefits customers and secures their safety with a quick response time, auto purge gas switch and visual & audible alarms.



  • Designed for Retrofit to any GC make or model
  • Compact Size for Mounting Flexibility
  • Continuous Monitoring - constant pulling of sample from GC oven
  • Auto Purge & On-site Calibration Capable
  • Simple & Efficient Installation


The HY-OPTIMA 720AS-GC uses hydrogen as the carrier gas instead of the more common helium carrier gas. There are several advantages of this:

  • Separation: With hydrogen, higher linear velocity can be used with little decrease in efficiency, resulting in shorter analysis times and thereby increasing the throughput of a laboratory.
  • Column life: Lower maximum temperature is needed for the analysis or column needs to remain at higher temperatures for shorter periods. In addition, hydrogen is a reducing gas and can remove out potential acidic sites inside of the column. The removal of these sites leads to less sample absorption and less generation of phase breakdown (column bleed). Consequently low temperature and reducing properties result in a longer life for the column.
  • Cost: Price of hydrogen can be 75% lower than helium resulting in a significant cost benefit.


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