The PLGC3 Natural Gas Chromatograph is a thermistor based Gas Chromatograph Analyzer, for fast and reliable gas analysis. It is designed for ease of use, reduced maintenance and low gas consumption in on-line applications. It is specially built for installation in areas with an explosive atmosphere.

The thermistor based technology consists of durable, long lasting Gas Chromatograph components (valves, injector, detector, column, flow system, heating, flow diagnostics) and is less susceptible to fouling as compared to micro-machined technology.



  • Rugged thermistor based detector
  • High resolution display
  • Durable Valves
  • Data Archiving
  • Auto Calibration & Validation
  • Analyzer Networking & Data Communication



  • Transmission/Custody Transfer
    • Custody Transfer Stations
    • Metering Stations
  • Distributionscreen
    • City Gate Measurement
    • Large Industrial/Commercial Consumers
  • Gas Processing
    • Inlet Gas
    • Sales/Outlet Gas Upstream/Field Gathering
    • Sour Gas Pipeline Blending
  • NGL, GTL and LNG Plants
    • De-ethernizer
    • De-propzenizer Unit
    • De-butzanizer Unit
    • Liquids/Condensate Unit
  • Bio-Gas Plants, Landfill Gas Recovery Units, Power Plants
    • Power Generation
    • Gas Turbine Control
  • Amine Units
    • Acid Gas

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