WI/CV Analyzer

In all industrial combustion processes where combustible gas is used, there is a particular attention for solutions to improve plant performance by retaining the product quality and reducing the production cost.

The instability of the fuel gas (composition) is the reason for the disturbance in the combustion process since it modifies the heat output and the composition of the combustion. The SG12WMTA-Series is a high-speed multiparameter thermal gas analyzer that burns a small sample of gas and measures the temperature rise of the fluid.

The SG12WMTA-Series consists of a Multiparameter Gas Analyzer that directly measures in real time the most important properties of the gas: Wobbe Index (WI), Calorific Value (CV), Specific Gravity (SG) and Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI).



  • Direct Wobbe Index measurement
    WI/CV Analyzer
  • Independent mesurement by gas composition
  • Ability to measure dirty/unstable gas streams
  • Low response time and high accuracy
  • High rangeability
  • Minimal maintenance required


Customizable Design:


  • SG12WMTAP - plate design for wall assembly/indoor installation. Composed of two separate units for wall mounting.
  • SG12WMTAK - skid design for individual positioning/indoor installation. Composed of one unit for standalone installation.
  • SG12WMTAC - cabinet design for indoor installation. Composed of one unit enclosed in a cabinet for standalone installation.
  • SG12WMTAS - shelter design for outdoor installation. Composed of one unit enclosed in a shelter for standalone installation.


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