Cemtrex provides complete integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up.


Cemtrex offers patended process interface with radial orientation of multiple measurement windows, designed for powders and bulk material. The radial orientation of the measurement windows allows for inline cleaning and recalibration. Material properties, such as viscosity, moisture, temperature and pressure, etc., are causing a phenomenon called "window fowling", a buildup of analyte on the probe window. A patented automatic self-cleaning mechanism allows the prevention of "window fowling" without any interruption of the process and thereby allowing the use in continuous manufacturing processes.


TELLUS-Col Series for Solids In-line Color Measurement
Color and Turbidity measurements are frequently used in many industrial processes across a variety of industries, most dominantly in Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, and Chemical. 

TELLUS-MS Series for Solids In-line Moisture Measurement
Moisture is one of the most ubiquitous process parameters in manufacturing processes. The sensor series TELLUS-MS was developed for the most demanding production environments to measure moisture in a variety of different materials, including powders, granulates, pastes and other highly viscous samples.


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