Prod overview TELLUS COL eng - solidsMoisture is one of the most ubiquitous process parameters in manufacturing processes. The sensor series TELLUS-MS was developed for the most demanding production environments to measure moisture in a variety of different materials, including powders, granulates, pastes and other highly viscous samples.



  • Inline moisture measurements in real-time
  • NIR spectral sensor integrated within probe shaft
  • Automated self-cleaning and recalibration optional
  • Robust design for industrial use
  • Hazardous area/Hygienic design certified
  • Contact measurement (probe in touch with material)
  • LED light source, guaranteeing an extended lifespan, no maintenance required
  • Extremely low cost of operation


Unique: Measurement Probe with Integrated Spectral Sensor and Automated Self-cleaning Mechanism

The TELLUS MS sensor is the first real-time moisture sensor with the spectral sensor directly integrated into the process interface itself, allowing real-time moisture measurements at virtually any location in the manufacturing process. Also, moisture measurements often present the problem of "window fouling", a material build-up on the measurement window of the probe, resulting in false moisture readings. To eliminate, this undesired effect, the TELLUS MS sensor system can be equipped with a module for automated self-cleaning and baseline recalibration, allowing the sensor system to be used in continuous manufacturing lines.


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